The market mainstream of mining machinery in future

All kinds of large-scale engineering projects are being increased with the continuous development of our national economy, which certainly will cause the shortage of the sandstone aggregate. SBM points out that the natural sand was the main resource of those projects, but some natural disasters were happened because of the worse biological environment caused by the extensive exploration on river sand, so that is the reason why our government takes some methods to stop this matter of being happened again. There will be one inevitable situation where the market sand can not satisfy the demand of those projects because the natural sand is becoming less and less, and the price of ore milling equipment can be increased into one higher level beyond our toleration. The reasons above on can the true reason why most of the investors can begin to invest on the artificial sand making industry, which certainly can bring so much profit for them in one short time.

Some people also pay much more attention to the sea sand because of the shortage of the natural sand. The usage of sea sand can save 50% of the cost, and there are some greedy developers taking the sea sand to replace the position of natural sand, which directly caused some engineering accidents in the construction.

SBM points out that the artificial sand can be the ideal material of replacing the natural sand after so many years’s experiments, and its advantages are including:

Firstly, the wider resources of the sand. There are so many raw materials that can be processed to artificial sand, and we also can use some abandoned resources by separating and processing the tailing. Most of the tailing can be made to the artificial sand by using the sand making machine, which not only can solve the problems of environment pollution, but also can improve the usage ratio at the same time.Secondly, the ideal classification phases, we can adjust the granularity according to the demand of the sand.