Explain in detail what you need to know about the function of geotextile

Continue to publish hard-to-read common sense for everyone. Geotextiles can be divided into drainage and filtration wholesale HDPE geomembrane, wrapped geotextiles, barrier geotextiles and reinforced geotextiles according to different functions.

Drainage filter geotextile: The geotextile passes liquid and gas straight together, insisting that the soil skeleton particles affected by the penetration force are not lost, and some geotextiles also serve as lateral drainage channels. Drainage filter HDPE geomembrane for sale is mainly used for slope protection, Behind retaining wall or retaining wall, anti-filter layer, drainage blind ditch, soft foundation treatment and other projects, as geotechnical composition data, anti-filter layer, bagged sand and gravel filter layer, soft permeable pipe, plastic drainage belt, bagged sand Outsourcing information of well or composite geomembrane.

Wrapped geotextile: Geotextile is used as a loose soil, sand, stone wrap or as a carrier for concrete and mortar to form a block of a certain volume and shape, used for slope protection, erosion protection and other projects.

Packaged HDPE geomembrane manufacturers products mainly include geotechnical bags, geomembrane bags and geotechnical tube bags, etc. The geotextiles in the bagged sand sandwiched with pebble filter layer and bagged sand wells also have the function of wrapping.

Barrier geotextile: It is placed between different media to prevent the mixing of adjacent different media. The barrier type high quality HDPE geomembrane is mainly used for blocking between embankments of different particle sizes, or laying geotextile on the surface of soft soil to prevent clogging of the upper drainage cushion. Reinforced geotextile: Geotextile with certain tensile strength is buried in the soil, relying on the mutual effect with the soil interface, improve the strength and stability of the soil, and restrain the displacement of the soil.

Reinforced geotextile is mainly used for reinforced soil structure, reinforced cushion in soft foundation treatment, etc., or combined with geomembrane to form reinforced composite geomembrane.