You must bring a towel when you exercise

People who like to watch sports events know that athletes wipe their sweat with towels after strenuous exercise; most people who run in the gym will bring a towel around their neck or on the armrests. Fan Fangjie, senior personal trainer of Beijing No.1 Fitness, told reporters that do n’t think that customized instant ice-cold magic cooling towel wiping is irrelevant. It is from these details to cultivate good exercise habits.

After the exercise, a sweat came out, and if it is not wiped off in time, it will slowly evaporate. Originally, the body gets hot after exercise, and the body loses heat due to the evaporation of sweat. Such a cold and hot stimulation can easily cause a cold instant ice-cold magic cooling towel quotation. “Originally, in order to stay fit and healthy, you won’t get more than a cold. If it affects work and school, it’s even worthless.” Fan Fangjie said. There are also some ball sports, such as basketball and tennis. If you sweat on your face, it will affect your sight and thus affect the quality of the game. Therefore, many basketball and tennis players wear headbands to absorb sweat. There are badminton and tennis balls that need to be gripped. If the sweat on the hands is not wiped off in time, the hands will be slippery and the grip will be unstable.

Sports absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list on the market have a variety of materials, including pure cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, etc., its water absorption and breathability are better than ordinary household towels, more professional, suitable for sports enthusiasts. “If you don’t exercise a lot, just use an ordinary cotton towel.”