What to do after the towel becomes hard

The towels are newly bought and hardened after not using them many times. The application is extremely uncomfortable. What is the cause? This is because the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water are combined with the pancake and adhere to the outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel supplier. In addition, long-term dirt residue is also one of the causes of hardening. Pace/Method:

In order to prevent the towels from becoming hard, in addition to often washing them, take the towels or lye in the water every once in a while. How many minutes to boil the towels; when boiling, the towels should all be immersed in the water to prevent oxidation and increase in combat with the atmosphere Degree and even embrittlement.

Or maybe use white vinegar to harden the microfiber ice cool towel factory. That is, when the washing machine or hand-washed clothes are washed and cleaned, put in a half bowl of vinegar for about 200 grams of machine-washed (hand-washed, just put some more), turn around for one to two minutes before draining, and there will be no vinegar smell on the clothes. .