What skills do you need to know about purchasing cotton towels

Purchasing cotton towels is also a university question. Good quality cotton towels make guests not only comfortable and caring, but also feel very relaxed. Customers who are away from home hope to relax and wash away their fatigue during the bath. , When buying ice cooling towel in bottle factory, you must have a pair of insights, and you also need to understand some relevant knowledge of pure cotton towels. Towel manufacturers work hard for comfort and cleanliness!

Although cotton towels do not occupy a very high share of the products, the frequency of use by guests is very large. Even the quality of a towel directly affects the satisfaction of the guests. The reputation of the guests is our golden cup, so we When purchasing pure cotton towels, you must not just be greedy for cheap. The reputation that is affected by buying inferior towels is a big deal.

So how to buy cotton towel wholesale?

  1. For cotton ice cooling towel in bottle manufacturer, first look at the price and the weight

As the saying goes, the first-class price is the first-class goods, especially now that the price of cotton is particularly high, towels that are much lower than the market price must be inferior towels, and there are gram weights, as long as they are 3% lower than the specified weight, they must Manufacturers are cutting corners to reduce costs.

  1. The texture of pure cotton towels must be pure cotton

The raw materials of the product are made of top-grade 100% pure cotton and imported Pakistani cotton, which are durable, high in pure whiteness, good hand feeling, bright color and good water absorption.

  1. Cotton towels have better water absorption

High-quality multicolor microfiber cooling towel in bottle quotation have a soft feel, fluffy and elastic in the hand. If a good-quality towel is dripped with water droplets, it can be absorbed quickly. If it is used to wipe hands and face, it can quickly dry the water and remove the dust; while the inferior towel It is slippery on the face, does not absorb water and does not decontaminate.

It is very necessary to buy cotton towels with guaranteed quality. Although the price is higher, what you buy is healthy, and what you buy is satisfactory. Towels escort your comfort and health!

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