What should we pay attention to when using fish pond impermeable membrane

The high price can reflect the quality of the impermeable aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers to a certain extent, and the service life depends on the laying and use environment. The anti-seepage film is mainly anti-seepage performance, and its anti-seepage performance mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of the plastic film. A good anti-seepage film has good corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good frost resistance. The impermeability of the plastic film can block the earth dam leakage pipeline and withstand the water pressure, and has greater tensile strength and elongation.
The use of fish pond impervious membranes is very clear. What should we pay attention to in the process of our use?
(1) For rockfill dams, there may be large pores between the blocks. Although the surface of the concrete dam is relatively smooth, the surfaces of the construction joints and expansion joints and the RCC dam are generally not smooth and have large pores and gaps. Under the effect of high water pressure, the anti-seepage wholesale aquaculture geomembrane of the fish pond may cause excessive deformation. It is recommended to use the reinforced fish pond impermeable membrane or the combination of the above fish pond impervious membrane and geotextile, and pass the corresponding test certificate;
(2) The influence of uneven settlement on the deformation of the fish pond impermeable membrane needs to be considered;
(3) Pay attention to the surface protection of the anti-seepage membrane of the fish pond. For gentle slopes, thin mixed suspicious soil plates can be used; for steep slopes, shotcrete can be used, and geogrids are used for reinforcement. For vertical slopes, protection is usually not required;
(4) The surface friction coefficient of the anti-seepage low price aquaculture geomembrane of the fish pond is low, and the benefit ratio of HDPE (the ratio of the tangent of the anti-seepage membrane of the fish pond to the sanding angle and the internal friction tangent) of the sand itself is about 0.58, and the PVC can reach 0.88. In the design, the stability of the impervious membrane of the fish pond on the slope and the stability of the soil layer covering the membrane should be checked. Use the combined fish pond impermeable membrane with the needling geotextile on both sides. For steep slopes, the upper end of the anti-seepage membrane of the fish tunnel should be buried in the top ditch.