What is the difference between Class A towels and Class B towels?

A question many consumers will care about when buying towels: What are the differences between towel A and B products?

Today the towel factory will answer this question for everyone:

The internal indicators are the most direct and powerful proof of the quality of a towel. According to the national standard, the standard of adult China microfiber ice cool towel supplier is a qualified product, which belongs to category B. The standard for baby towels is first-class and belongs to category A. The highest standard of the national standard is Class A.

It can be seen that compared with towels of type b, category a is better, so that consumers can enjoy a healthy and comfortable quality life.

When buying wholesale workout fitness ice-cool towel, in addition to paying attention to the category of safety technology, we must also consider the following aspects:

  1. Soft and fluffy

The ice-cool towel supplier is made of cotton, so the first factor that determines whether it is soft is the quality of the cotton, and the reasonable spinning method of the terry yarn; the second is the reasonable design of the weaving process, using the most suitable warp and weft density, the terry As much as possible, the ground and weft yarns should be as thin as possible; the third is to add chemical additives.

  1. Water absorption

Towels weighing more than 120 grams have a high water absorption capacity, and at the same time, the cotton grade is high, the twist is small, and the loop length of the loop length is also fast. In addition to affecting the softness, cotton twist has an effect on the water absorption and bulkiness. The longer the fiber length and the smaller the twist, the greater the gap between the cotton fibers and the more water stored. Therefore, when choosing a multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel supplier, as long as you choose a good cotton, it will ensure the soft, fluffy and absorbent characteristics.

  1. No lint

All pure cotton towels have hair loss, just light or heavy. The only solution to the problem of hair loss is microfiber multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel in stock, that is, towels made of purified fibers. However, chemical fiber is extracted from petroleum. Compared with pure cotton, pure cotton towels are recommended.