What are the unique advantages of geotextile

Perhaps it has not been heard by many people. It is extremely common on the construction site. The role of plastic geocells factory price is mainly to isolate the different construction materials. Because there are often a lot of construction materials mixed on the construction site. The situation causes such a situation that the construction materials are not available, so it is at a very poor level to avoid the occurrence of such situations. Geotextiles may wish to avoid the situation where the two types of construction materials are mixed.

Geotextile has its solid strengths: it can resist normal salt, acid and alkali use. It can have a good durability in the soil or under the ground, it can have better durability; the friction between the interface with the local soil body is strong, and the interface friction The shielding is poor; the permeable soil decomposes the material and has drainage use, extending the drainage solidification time, and directly catching up with the shear strength of the soil. Because the low price HDPE geocell is used as a reinforced material, it has replaced the natural plants and nonmetals one-sidedly Wage breakdown material reinforced soil Due to the volatility of the mall, the price of the filament geotextile was necessary to influence. During the crucial period, the characteristics of the product are still good, and the natural price will go up!

First, the geotextile related geotextile acts as a permanent and independent soil water that obstructs and filters the data and ultimately prevents the accumulation of water pressure, and then prevents the water activity from forming corrosion. The filament wholesale HDPE geocell strains with time under the effect of stable external force The continuous and added scene is called creep when it is used in the project of infiltration, drainage and barrier effect. The filament geotextile is subjected to a steady tensile external force step by step, so the pupa change characteristic of the filament geotextile is the goal of fabric selection;

Secondly, geotextile is also effectively used to optimize crop productivity. In short, the storage of geotextile directly affects the effect of high quality plastic geocells. Geotextile manufacturers store their products, must be stored in the above points, in order to ensure the effect of geotextile.