Vertical mill is the key equipment for the crush of material

Vertical mill is the key equipment for the secondary crushing process. It is widely used in vertical industry, silicate industry, new construction material industry, refractory material industry, fertilizer, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and the glass production industry. It can grind varieties of dry and wet materials. So, the vertical roller mill is the key equipment for crushing material.

Before the technical transformation, the added wet slag will affect the production of vertical mill. So, we choose coal ash instead of the wet slag. The coal ash’s fineness and moisture are stable. After the blending process, the gypsum will enter into the grinding chamber. After working for some times, we can add the coal slag into the equipment, which will not only improve the vertical quality but also improve the production of the machine.

Vertical mill has the advantages of high flexibility and big crushing radio. We can easy control the fineness of the product. vertical mill can be used both for the dry process production and the wet process production. Grinding process and drying process can operate simultaneously.