Ultrafine mill is the best choice for beneficiation process

As we all know, ultrafine mill is the key equipment to grind the material. Each beneficiation process cannot without the grind of material. The important role of ultrafine mill determines the quite speed of its replacement. With the rapid development of national economic, the beneficiation equipment industry also faces with the huge development opportunity. Many mining machinery manufacturers try their best to increase the innovation ability and research the suitable ultrafine mill for the society. The new type ultrafine mill produced by us stands out from this industry and becomes the first choices for customers.

Our company has introduced advanced technology and combined with the work characteristics of the ultrafine mill. They carefully introduced a new type ultrafine mill with the advantages of good wear resistance, smooth operation and reliable performance. This ultrafine mill is a horizontal cylinder rotating device and composed of the feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and so on. The hollow axis adopts the cast steel. The lined is removable. The rotary gear hobbing adopts casting process. The barrel is equipped with wear-resistant liner.

The main characteristics and advantages: Smooth operation, reliable work, great crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc. Our company introduced a series of ultrafine mill, such as: energy-saving ultrafine mill, cone ultrafine mill, wet ultrafine mill and dry ultrafine mill. Our company is a large export production base in domestic to meet the different needs of customers.