Ultrafine grinding mill production system workflow and materials flow path

There are a lot of equipment in the ultra-fine grinding mill production system. The installation sequence of various kinds of equipment is fixed, and each equipment plays a certain role. Ultrafine grinding mill production system in the form of material changes and changes in material flow path is ultrafine grinding mill production system workflow. The following separately from the equipment composition and material flow through the two ways to study Raymond mill production system workflow.Ultrafine grinding mill production system contains equipment broken jaw, bucket elevator, silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, Raymond mill, cyclone powder collector, bag filter, pipe, fan and so on.

Ultrafine grinding powder production system in the flow of materials as follows: Broken after the material broken through the jaws and then use the elevator was lifted to the silo, silo in the material through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeding Raymond mill. The lumpy material is ground in a Raymond mill and then blown into the separator by the wind entering the system. After passing through the separator, the material is retained in the cyclone collector along the pipe. Some of the remaining material, with the wind, enters the bag filter Wind is dissipated in the bag filter and the material is collected in the bag filter.

According to the analysis of the above material flow path, the material is stored in the silo because crusher crusher output is higher than the mill output, in order to prevent ultrafine mill feed lead to poor work, so the silo To discharge. After material storage silo material is then fed by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electromagnetic vibrating feeder electrical control using half-wave rectifier circuit, stepless adjustment of the amount of feed can be used for automatic control of the production process to achieve production Process automation, and it can achieve uniform continuous feeding, is the choice of feeding equipment in ultrafine grinding. There are two kinds of dust removal systems in the ultrafine grinding powder production system, the cyclone dust collector and the bag filter. The cyclone dust collector separates and collects the powder-containing gas from the airflow under the action of centrifugal force, and then A device that falls into hopper under the influence of gravity. And then install the bag filter is to collect the remaining powder at the same time the wind in the system to discharge, promote gas circulation.