The strength of the filament geotextile itself can be used repeatedly

With the continuous economic development in recent years, its ecological bag products have been widely used, because its ecological bag has the function of filtering the soil impermeable, not only can avoid the loss of filler, but also can complete the normal exchange of moisture in the soil 3D geonet manufacturers. The water required for plant growth has been effectively attached and compensated in time, it is very friendly to plants, and plants can grow freely through the bag;

The strength of the filament geotextile itself can be used repeatedly

Its root system enters the soil from the root of the project. For example, many anchors have completed the re-stabilization between the ecological bag and the body, and the longer it is, the stronger it is. The application of eco-bag products further realizes the intention of Yongpo and greatly reduces the maintenance cost; because the eco-bags have certain special functions, the slope layout must be stable.

The demand for geotextiles is increasing, but many customers are still unclear about woven geotextiles, woven geotextiles, impermeable geotextiles, filament geotextiles, short silk geotextiles, impermeable membranes and other commodities, as well as wholesale plastic geonet standards And quotation; it is a kind of geotechnical composition data used in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering. It is made of polyester fiber net and consolidated, its fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional layout.

The construction of bentonite waterproof blanket is simple, small in size, easy to transport and install in rolls. It is an inorganic environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free, and is truly a green building material. Compared with geomembrane, this product has good flexibility and is more suitable for uneven settlement; it has good interface conflicts and requires lower laying position than geomembrane.

The use of filament HDPE geonet manufacturers as a reinforcing material for asphalt pavement can prevent the pavement from cracking due to low temperature shrinkage, change the structural stress distribution of the pavement, prevent the expansion of reflective cracks, and reduce rutting marks. After the surface treatment of the glass fiber geotextile, the surface performance of the glass fiber is improved, and the bonding force between the glass fiber and the asphalt is enhanced, so that it will not crack and warp after contact with the asphalt mixture at 160°C.

With excellent construction performance, it can prolong the service life of the highway, relatively reduce the thickness of the pavement structural layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of highway construction. Filament high quality HDPE geonet plays a role in moisturizing and curing concrete pavement. Choose filament geotextiles with thicker mass per unit area, higher strength and reusable 3-4 times.