The relationship between the advantages of using waterproof geotextile and the production materials

As a new type of waterproof, soil-proof and sand-proof material, waterproof high quality polypropylene nonwoven geotextile has many advantages in use. The reason why it has so many advantages is mainly inseparable from the selection of his excellent materials.

During the production of waterproof geotextiles, polymer materials are mainly used as raw materials, and anti-aging agents are added during the production process, so it performs well in unconventional temperature environments, especially dams, drainage ditches, and waste yards. Waiting is a good place to show their skills. Moreover, from its name, we can also see that it is waterproof and has a good drainage effect. When used, it can effectively intercept the loss of sand and soil and remove excess liquid and Exhaust gas and enhance the stability of the building structure to improve the quality of the soil. At the same time waterproof polypropylene nonwoven geotextile manufacturers can play a role of isolation.

The waterproof geotextile we may not have been in contact with is right, but it is widely used. In recent years, the incidence of natural disasters in China is relatively high, and its use value has been better withdrawn.