The product of cotton + digital printing is really great

Cotton is a soft, tough, gentle and powerful product.

Now everyone should have heard of the words “whole cotton” and “pure cotton”. It is not an exaggeration to say that except for those in the industry wholesale 100% cotton custom digital printing towel, it is estimated that basically everyone will think that the “cotton” and “pure cotton” represent the same cotton content. . In fact, there are some differences between the two.

The difference between cotton and pure cotton

Cotton: It refers to clothing or supplies with 100% cotton content, generally plain cloth cotton velour reactive digital printing beach towel, poplin, twill, labor cloth, etc. Unlike ordinary cloth, it has the advantages of deodorant, breathability, comfort and so on.

Pure cotton: Textiles made of cotton as the textile raw material and interwoven horizontally with warp and weft yarns. Cotton with more than 75% cotton is pure cotton.

So pure cotton is pure cotton, and pure cotton is pure cotton. The biggest difference is actually the cotton content. The cotton content of the cotton fabric we use exceeds 95%, which makes people feel the best comfort.