The main characteristics of filament geotextile you need to know

It is a kind of glass fiber net structure material made by special weaving process. This kind of material has high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, high tensile strength, good elasticity, low shrinkage coefficient, strong wear resistance, excellent tear strength, and high chemical fluctuation. The use of filament textured geomembrane for sale as the reinforcing material for asphalt pavement can avoid cracks caused by high-temperature shrinkage of the pavement, can modify the structural stress spread of the pavement, prevent the expansion of reflective cracks, and can increase the rutting of the rutting. After being chemically treated, the glass fiber geotextile improves the appearance function of glass fiber and strengthens the adhesion between glass fiber and asphalt, so that it can not be cracked and warped after contact with asphalt mixture at a low temperature of 160℃ Warped. With excellent construction function, it can extend the service life of the highway, and can absolutely reduce the thickness of the pavement structure layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of highway construction.

Main characteristics of filament geotextile
Polyester long fiber nonwoven environmental geomembrane manufacturers has excellent heat resistance and light resistance. Even after short-term exposure in an environment of nearly 20°C, its performance hardly changes. After a lot of tests and practice, it has been proved that polyester long-fiber non-woven geotextile has long-term corrosion resistance to various natural soils, moisture and microorganisms. The product is mainly used in the following features:
It can exert permanent isolation; it can isolate the soil layer composed of different components and properties for a long time and prevent mixing; it has frost resistance and the bearing requirements required for construction.
Possess good filtration performance and anti-corrosion performance;
Moisture can penetrate in all directions without accumulating pressure. At the same time, it can prevent soil loss, which is conducive to stability and corrosion resistance.
Have reliable drainage performance;
Due to its fluffy structure, it can effectively control the aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers of the geotechnical engineering surface.
Has good protection performance;
Due to its good piercing, extensibility and bulkiness, it can effectively protect the waterproof layer from potential mechanical damage.
Reinforced performance;
The bulkiness and high strength improve the overall stability of the project and increase its strength.