The higher the quality of the composite geomembrane, the higher its waterproof layer characteristics

For composite geomembrane, all the indicators need to reach a certain level to ensure the construction quality, then do you know the hydrostatic resistance during the construction of composite low price HDPE geocell? So why is hydrostatic resistance so important for composite geomembrane?

Why is the resistance to hydrostatic pressure of composite geomembrane important? What is the important reason?

The hydrostatic resistance of the composite wholesale HDPE geocell is related to the anti-seepage effect of the anti-seepage geomembrane, and is a very important index value related to the characteristics of the composite geomembrane waterproof layer.

Hydrostatic pressure resistance refers to the resistance of the membrane material in the composite geomembrane to pressure under static conditions. Generally, the thicker the membrane material, the stronger the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the composite plastic geocells factory price, the higher the quality of the composite geomembrane, the higher the characteristics of the waterproof layer, and vice versa, the worse.

Generally speaking, hydrostatic pressure resistance is an important indicator to measure the quality of composite geomembrane. Stabilizing the composite geomembrane and passing the hydrostatic pressure is one of the most representative standards for testing whether an enterprise’s production line equipment and production process exceed the national regulations.

Through the above introduction to the hydrostatic resistance of the composite high quality plastic geocells, I believe everyone has a certain understanding. The quality of the product depends not only on performance, but also on a comprehensive inspection of the product when selecting the appropriate product.