The FLOW CONSORTIUM releases The Flow Guide(TM), the definitive guide to The Flow System(TM)

Designed for organizations dealing with disruptive changes due to digitization and globalization

DALLAS, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A brand new holistic FLOW based approach to delivering Customer 1st Value in Lean and Agile organizational transformations while REDUCING COSTS and CREATING GROWTH. []

The Flow Guide(TM) is available at [] and can be read online or downloaded, available soon in more than 30 local language editions.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER the scientific fields of Complexity Thinking, Distributed leadership, and Team Science have been combined to create The Triple Helix of Flow(TM) which highlights the interconnected nature of these three fields.

When correctly combined the triple helix becomes The DNA of Organizations(TM), and identifies the interactions between and among agents (e.g. people, machines, events) that emerge into new patterns, networks, and knowledge to advance an organization’s ability to be more innovative, adaptive, and agile when operating in complex environments.

The Flow System(TM) evolves beyond LEAN thinking, which is based on The Toyota Production System, and extends AGILE thinking beyond current prescriptive methodologies and frameworks, by focusing on HUMAN FACTORS and TEAM SCIENCE to solve complex problems.

The Flow System(TM) provides an understanding of different methods, patterns, practices, and techniques that enables organizations or institutions to achieve transformation in a highly disrupted, digitized, and globalized world.

The Flow Guide(TM) provides organizations with the understanding of these patterns, practices and techniques to achieve their desired outcomes, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The Flow Guide(TM) is a completely free resource created and maintained by Professor John Turner from The University of North Texas, Nigel Thurlow a 20 year plus Toyota Alumni, and Brian Rivera, Commander U.S Navy Reserve.

©2019 Professor John Turner, Nigel Thurlow, Brian Rivera. The Flow System(TM) is Offered for license under the Attribution license of Creative Commons. All rights reserved. The Flow Guide, The Flow System, The Triple Helix of Flow, and The DNA of Organizations are registered trademarks of the authors. The Flow Consortium and The Flow Guides is a non-profit organization.

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