The car keeps changing, but it ’s just that you do n’t use the right towel

Now, there are more and more people driving, but car paint often has problems, such as changing flowers, many people will complain about how the car paint is always like this, why is it like this?

Sometimes, just after washing the car, it rained again on the way home. The acid rain mixed with dust particles will gradually corrode the car paint. I found a low moq customized 100% cotton beach towel at home to wipe it. Not only will it not be clean, but it will also leave speckled water marks. In addition, the mixed dust particles will also affect the car’s topcoat under the friction of the towel. Sometimes it is hard to remember to wash the car. After washing, the old towel is still used to wipe the car. , Because the towel is very worn, I accidentally hurt the car paint. Sometimes I think about wiping the glass with a paper wholesale design microfiber personalized round beach towel, but it will also leave white paper scraps, and it will be too hard. Damage the car’s topcoat.

In fact, cars are used as transportation tools. Cars are regularly washed, maintained, waxed, and polished. Towels are often required.

Therefore, many people now have bad effects on their cars because they use bad towels. It is important to know that ordinary towels cannot wipe the car. The towels used to wipe the car need to have finer fibers, so as not to affect the paint on the surface of the car. So at this time, we actually want to choose microfiber towels. The ultra-fine thickened fiber 100% cotton reactive printed beach towel has high fiber density, which can reduce scratches during the wiping process, and can increase the volume of the residue of the cured product.

Therefore, a good microfiber towel is necessary. Our company has been researching and producing microfiber for many years, and has many loyal users. The microfiber towels produced are also exported to many countries around the world.