Ten Regional Winners of the International VELUX Award Have Been Selected!

COPENHAGEN, July 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Earlier this week, the international jury, who met in Copenhagen for two days, selected ten inspiring daylight projects as regional winners. The International VELUX award 2016 challenges students of architecture to demonstrate an understanding of daylight as source of energy, light and life.

The ten regional winners showed a level of investigation and understanding of how daylight is vital for architecture and how daylight can create space. They integrated creative daylight solutions in the city and in dense communities and they showed responsibility towards nature, and to social interaction. They worked with many aspects from spirituality to how daylight can be made tangible for blind people in their projects.

“We want the students to experiment and look at any aspect of daylight, and we are taken by surprise every time, because they actually search for new relations with daylight – through curiosity, experimentation, model making and innovation,” says Per Arnold Andersen, head of the International VELUX Award.

The five regional winners of Daylight in Buildings were:
Africa: Shelter.Light by Fatai Osundiji, Emmanuel Ayoloto, Nigeria
The Americas: No parking..Let there be light by Enzo Piero Vergara Vaccia, Chile
Asia & Oceania. REDISTRIBUTION OF LIGHT by Kwang Hoon Lee, Hyuk Sung Kwon, Yu Min Park,
Republic of Korea
Eastern Europe & the Middle East: Light Scattering Window by Kamil Głowacki, Marta
Sowińska, Łukasz Gaska, Poland
Western Europe: Ceremonial Room Copenhagen by Eskild Pedersen, Denmark

The five regional winners of Daylight Investigations were:
Africa. Light and Shadow by Ahmed Zorgui, Ala Eddin Noumi, Tunesia
The Americas. Automated Blind Study by Amir Nezamdoost, Alen Mahic, Malak
Modaresnezhad, USA
Asia & Oceania: Light for the blind by Jiafeng Li, Chenlu Wang, Guiding Yao, Jiebei
Yang, Lushan Ao, Xiaoqi Chen and Jiawen Li, China
Eastern Europe & the Middle East. A quenchless light by Anna Andronova, Russia
Western Europe: Hammershoi’s Grammar by Nicholas Shurey, Denmark

With close to 600 submitted projects from 57 countries, the competition displayed creative explorations on the theme of daylight from the world’s leading future architects. The regional winners of the International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture will now present their projects in competition for two overall prizes at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin on November 18, 2016. The ceremony will be livestreamed to iva.velux.com

Jury meeting earlier this week The award jury: Omar Gandhi, Christine Murray, Zbigniew Reszka, Francesco Veenstra and Per Arnold Andersen met from 27 – 28 June in Copenhagen to review close to 600 submitted projects from 57 countries and by the end of the second day, they agreed on ten regional winners.

“We are truly inspired by the daylight-driven explorations by students from around the world. The Award is designed to push students to work with daylight and this year’s submissions show great insights into the social, sociological and environmental dimensions of daylight,” says Per Arnold Andersen from the VELUX Group.

Light of Tomorrow The overall theme of the International VELUX Award 2016 is Light of Tomorrow. The award wants to inspire students of architecture to consider how to use sunlight and daylight as main sources of energy and light, and how to ensure the health and well-being of people who live and work in buildings.