T-shirt folding method

Colorful T-shirts can best reflect our personality and youth, but how to fold T-shirts, here tie dye baby ring sling, custom shirt manufacturers teach you a quick way to fold T-shirts.

  1. Put the T-shirt flat on the table or cabinet and make it level.
  2. Visually find the horizontal line of the T-shirt. It does not need to be very precise. Visually check whether it belongs to the midline.
  3. Find the midpoint of the left shoulder, or visually find a rough midpoint, and then find a line down from this midpoint, this line is perpendicular to the horizontal midline, point B is the midpoint of the shoulder, point a is The intersection point tie dye baby ring sling carrier, point C is the point that extends from the midpoint of the shoulder down to the bottom of the T-shirt.
  4. Hold the intersection point A of the two lines with your left hand, hold the shoulder midpoint B with your right hand, and then hold the shoulder midpoint (B) with your right hand, and pull the T-shirt upward. Point coincides with point C on the bottom of the T-shirt.
  5. Hold the intersection A with your left hand and the coincident point BC with your right hand. Lift the T-shirt, shake it gently, and lay it flat on the table. Remember, you still cannot relax your hands.
  6. When you fold the low price hemp hoodies, it only takes three seconds to fold the T-shirts.

Custom t-shirt maker reminder: as long as you hold the ABC point, you can’t relax, otherwise your previous efforts will be invalidated