Scientific disinfection of jacquard towels

Jacquard towel is an item that everyone uses every day, and it is used every day, which makes it seem too ordinary and too usual. People often neglect her health, and the selection, use and placement of 100% cotton comfortable animal hooded towel are also too arbitrary. Up. It is this kind of randomness that will bring many unnecessary dangers to our health. After a period of time, the jacquard towel will become very hard and rough, not as soft as it was at the beginning. How can the jacquard towel stay soft?

Pour the rice-washing water into the pot, put the jacquard towel in it and cook it. After it is boiled, cook it for a while. By doing this, the jacquard towel will become white, softer, thicker than the original, and will have a light rice fragrance. Put the jacquard towel in the hot water of the scrubbing liquid, boil or scald for 5 minutes, and then wash it while it is hot. Jacquard towels are often washed and boiled for a few minutes with soap, washing powder or lye at regular intervals to prevent hardening. When boiling, the jacquard towels should be fully immersed in water to avoid oxidation in contact with the air and reduce softness. When washing the kids hooded cotton cartoon poncho towel price list, put the jacquard towels in a thick soap, vinegar water or alkaline water and boil them for a moment. When boiling, the soap should swallow the jacquard towels. Then rinse with clean water and warm water several times in sequence, and dry it in a ventilated place with water. After drying, the jacquard towel will recover and become soft. The requirement is that the jacquard towel cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, and it is usually better to dry it naturally in a ventilated place.

Scientific disinfection of jacquard towels: first boil the jacquard towels in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash them with a pan, and then wash them thoroughly with clean water, and finally fold the jacquard towels into the microwave oven and heat for 5 minutes. The best way is to use vinegar essence, put the vinegar essence in a 1:4 solution, do not use too much water, just spread it over the jacquard towel, soak it for 5 minutes, scrub again and then rinse with water. The jacquard towel is an item that people use every day. It has many gaps and is easy to absorb dust and germs. It has close contact with our skin every day. The germs can easily invade people’s bodies and make people infected with diseases. The latest scientific experiments have proved that coins, bedding products and jacquard towel products are the three major indirect vectors of disease transmission. Improper use of customized soft hooded bamboo bath towel can damage the skin and, in severe cases, can cause cross-infection. Now most people know the importance of personal jacquard towels, but they are often used for multiple purposes, and they are not broken or changed, and they do not pay attention to the maintenance of jacquard towels.