Repair method of geotextile damage during construction

It is an environmentally friendly material and cannot be replaced at present. First of all, the wholesale HDPE geocell fully considered environmental protection in the production process. Geotextiles do not contain chemical additives and do not undergo heat treatment. They are environmentally friendly building materials. It can replace traditional. Engineering materials and construction methods, construction is safer, contributes to environmental protection, can be more economical, effective, and permanently solve the basic problems in engineering construction. Geotextile works like a filter that filters out large particles in a hazy environment to protect the integrity of the project. Its strength, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, and flexibility are the best in its class. Moreover, in the production process, production is in a pollution-free environment.

If the geotextile encounters damage during construction, it cannot be avoided. If the engineer encounters damaged plastic geocells manufacturers during construction, please do not waste it. They can be repaired. The repaired geotextile can be reused. Today we will introduce how to repair geotextile:

  1. All geotextiles and seams must be checked. The defective geotextile and stitching must be clearly marked on the geotextile and repaired.
  2. The worn geotextile must be repaired by laying and thermally connecting the plastic geocells for sale pieces, which are at least 200 mm longer than the defective edge in all directions. The thermal connection must be strictly controlled to ensure that the geotextile patch is tightly bonded to the geotextile and the geotextile will not be damaged.
  3. Before the end of daily laying, visually inspect the surface of all the geotextiles laid that day to ensure that all damaged areas have been marked and repaired immediately to ensure that there are no foreign objects on the paved road that may cause damage, such as fine needles and small iron. Nails, etc.
  4. The patch material used to fill holes or cracks should be consistent with the gravel geocell for sale.

Repairing geotextiles in this way can save a lot of material.