Precautions for geomembrane construction

The following are the construction considerations for composite low price HDPE geocell

(1) Use must be embedded: the thickness of the cover should not be less than 30cm.

(2) The renovated anti-seepage system should be composed of cushion layer, anti-seepage layer, transition layer and protective layer.

(3) The soil should be firm to avoid uneven settlement and cracks, and the turf and tree roots within the impermeable area of ​​the wholesale HDPE geocells should be removed. Lay small-diameter sand or clay as the protective layer on the contact surface with the membrane.

(4) When laying, the geomembrane should not be pulled too tightly. It is better to bury the soil at both ends into a corrugated shape. Especially when anchoring with rigid materials, a certain amount of expansion and contraction should be left.

(5) During construction, stones should be avoided, and heavy objects should be directly hit on the plastic geocells manufacturers. It is best to construct, lay the membrane, and cover the protective layer during construction.