Persbericht: TIE KinetixNominates New Supervisory Board Members

TIE Kinetix (hereinafter “TIE”), the leading provider of cloud-managed Business Integration, E-Commerce, Demand Generation, and Business Analytics services today announces that it nominates three new members for its Supervisory Board, consisting of Mrs. Gerdy Harteveld, Mr Per Nordling and Mr Georg Werger – to be appointed in an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on July 13, 2018.

The nomination of the new Supervisory Board follows after a process of careful selection in which management of the company has evaluated skills, relevant experience and business acumen of a series of potential candidates. The company is very happy with the arrival of the new Supervisory Board and is looking forward to working with the Supervisory Board to bring the company into smoother sailing grounds.

Mr Jan Baan will join the company in an advisory role to both Management and Supervisory Board, focusing on technological developments, company strategy and product strategy and international affairs. The company gratefully benefits from his experience in managing high growth technology companies deploying state of the art latest technological developments. Jan Baan has over 35 years of entrepreneurial and business leadership experience in the software sector and is internationally recognized for his key role in creating the worldwide market for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management (BPM) software.

Background of the Nominated Members

Mrs. Gerdy Harteveld (the Netherlands):
Experienced supervisor and member of various Supervisory Boards in Dutch private and public companies, including IT ventures. Furthermore, Mrs. Harteveld brings with her vast experience in developing IT strategy, as well as managing complex IT projects, in both public and semi-public settings. Previously, Mrs. Harteveld also served a>

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