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— On the 14th, about 50 works will be on display including Sculpture
Factory a robot that’s sculpts prominent works
— Works on display around resort including a promotional style shopping
arcade plaza and the Art garden
SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — From the 14th until February 24th of next year, Paradise City will host the media artist, Quayola’s first exhibition in Asia, Quayola: Asymmetric Archaeology at the Art-tainment Resort, Paradise Art Space. []

Following the ceremony commemorating the opening of the art space, the planned exhibition will consist of a total of 6 sections where around 50 works across various genres will be displayed including printed, video, sculpture and robotic installations. Here audience can find works that rediscover the beauty and nature of the ancient world using digital technology under the theme of “Asymmetric Archaeology.” This exhibition sheds light on the relationship between the past present and future, completely excludes man’s subjective view, and experiments with asymmetry which provides a mechanical objective view only.

Quayola reinterprets works using digital technology to recreate sculptures and ancient murals from the era of Hellenism and is one of the most promising artists in the present media art scene. He has already held exhibitions in various prominent art galleries around the world, London, Paris, Barcelona. This is the first exhibition to be held in Asia.

To commemorate the special occasion of this private exhibition, performances will also be held that audience can only see at Art Space. The performance, inspired by Michelangelo’s unfinished technique, will directly show viewers how the Sculpture Factory goes through the process of a modern reconstruction of Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini’s, “The Rape of Proserpina.”

Works by Quayola can been seen throughout Paradise City. At the promotional event style shopping arcade plaza, visitors can view high definition video works on an LED screen 25m wide and 8.3m high, and in the Art Garden, on the wall, a jumbo-sized project mapping some 70m wide and 20m high.

Paradise Culture Foundation President Choi Yun-jeong revealed that, “The world of Quayola works that are modern reinterpretations of his unique view is in tune with Paradise City’s concept that pursues a coexistence of the past and future,” And added, “Paradise Art Space will strive to lead the culture and art platform of Northeast Asia, by holding exhibitions of rising artists from Korea and abroad.”

Paradise Art Space is a space for art exhibitions that are unique to Paradise City. They offer broad range of cultural experiences and content that are on another level. In particular, Paradise Art Space is the most symbolic space in Paradise City that pursues Art-Tainment. Between September 19(th) and November 18(th), the prominent artists from Korea, Kim Ho-deuk and Lee Bae, and the global start artists, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst took part in the commemorative exhibition, Overstated & Understated. Later, diverse art exhibitions and colorful architectural, design, film and other culture and art exhibitions are planned.

Introduction to Paradise City

Paradise City is the first Korean style comprehensive resort in Northeast Asia where the operational know-how for hotels, casinos and spas over the past 50 years by leading tourism and leisure companies prominent in Korea. As an Art-Tainment space, Alessandro Mendini’s representative work, “Paradise Proust” and some 3,000 various art works by master artists in Korea and abroad are on display.

Also, Paradise City is the best place to enjoy a relaxing resort in close proximity to the city. The resort can be reached within about 4 hours from major Northeast Asian countries and is less than 40 minutes away from Seoul. New experiences await air travel guests who would like to start off or finish their trip in style.

The Paradise Group additional opened the 2(nd) phase facilities on September 21(st) where diverse Hallyu contents are on display all in one place. It consists of Art Paradiso (luxury boutique hotel), Chroma (largest scale night club in Asia), Cimer (K-Style Destination Spa), Paradise Art Space (art exhibition space), Plaza (promotional style shopping arcade), Studio Paradise (new concept multi-purpose studio), Wonderbox (family style indoor theme park, to open in the second half of 2019) and more. The group is oriented towards creating a Fun-city that offers enjoyment that is beyond the imagination.

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