New type quarry crusher resource utilization glass steel

Jiangsu Lianyungang velin company recently developed a waste material quarry crusher, the glass steel waste will be crushed into a powder, flake or powder and more hand lay up of glass steel products as filled mixed use, thus realizing the reuse of waste resources.
After the equipment is crushed by the glass steel scrap material is not more than 2 mm diameter, the length of the fiber is not more than 6 mm, which solves the problem of mechanical properties of the glass fiber reinforced composite material and resin and reinforced material. Glass steel scrap material crushing machine is divided into two parts: coarse crushing mill and ultra micro mill. The machine enters the air volume and has the self cooling function, especially for the heat sensitive material crushing process. The number of pieces can respectively reach 200, 300 and 400, yield about 500 kg per hour.