Moisture permeability of work clothes

From winter to spring, it turns warm and still cold, which is called by the people of Guangdong and Guangxi: “return to the south.” “Going back to the south sky” is definitely a tough weather, and the clothes still smell after washing. So many people take China bamboo organic baby towel factory to the dry cleaners for cleaning. Dry cleaning machine, as the name suggests, is a professional equipment for dry cleaning clothes. The so-called “dry” means that water is not used as a washing medium. To be precise, dry cleaning is actually “solvent washing.” So, is there any moisture in the dry cleaning machine? The answer is yes. Otherwise, why should the dry cleaning machine install a liquid water separator?

Since the dry cleaning machine contains a certain amount of moisture, it will definitely play a corresponding role. With the development of dry cleaning technology today, the importance of moisture in dry cleaning machines has gradually been recognized bamboo organic baby towel factory price. Practical experience has proved that there must be no moisture in the dry cleaning machine, but the moisture in the dry cleaning machine must not be too much. Therefore, the effect and influence of moisture in dry cleaning machines on dry cleaning can be summed up in a Chinese saying: “How can you succeed, and why you fail”.

Next, the editor of the garment factory will introduce the moisture permeability of work clothes!

The moisture permeability of clothing mainly includes the following parts:
First, the air conditioning effect of clothing. Because the space between the fabric yarns allows air to pass through, when the partial pressure of water vapor in the air layer under the clothing close to the skin is greater than that of the surrounding environment bamboo organic baby sleep bag manufacturer, the water vapor will diffuse from the place where the air pressure is higher to the place where the air pressure is lower. This is the main way sweat evaporates.

Second, the moisture absorption of clothing. Clothing fiber has a certain moisture absorption performance, and at the same time it has the ability to release moisture, that is, it evaporates after absorbing moisture. When the human body sweats, the surrounding environment with low relative humidity in the air layer under the clothes releases moisture. When clothing is soaked in sweat, the intermediate moisture in a liquid state will evaporate to the surrounding environment.

Third, convection in the air layer under the clothes. That is, the air under the clothes with high humidity and high temperature leaves the skin surface, and the air with low humidity in the surrounding environment is replaced. When the human body is moving, the effect of convection and dehumidification is more obvious.