How to remove mites from pillow towels better?

  1. Sunbathing
    Many people are clean, the first step is to wash the water, but for the pillow microfiber children hooded towel price, we can choose the sun before washing. After exposure to the sun for about two hours, then soak in washing powder for about 20 minutes. Here you need to use warm water. Then you will find out during the time of scrubbing. The following sweat stains will be easily rubbed off and then washed again. Use boiling water to scald it again.
  2. Use mites to remove mites
    Everyone likes to use Taomi water to wash dishes and mops, but few people use it to clean bedding. Taomi water is more effective against clean pillow mites. At the time, the remaining rice water of Taomi was boiled, add as many pieces of orange peels as you like, and then put the pillow multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel factory price in the boiled rice water, soak for a while, scrub, and you will find the pillow and the new one after washing. The same. The effect of this method of decontamination is much better than using laundry detergent and soap directly.
  3. In addition to dew drops
    Everyone at home should have a bottle of dewdrops, but if you think it can only repel mosquitoes, then you squander its influence. Adding a little dewdrop while washing the pillow China ice-cool towel can make the alcohol contained outside it fully display the effect of sterilization and mite removal, assist in decontamination and itching, and the consequences are also very good. It still has a fragrant fragrance at the time of washing and also helps to sleep. Here is a little skill. Adding aspirin powder when washing pillows and pillows can make pillows and pillows harder to turn yellow and discolor.