How to go through the formalities of the quarry of grinding mill

The production of grinding mill powder requires ore as a raw material, but to mine ore, there must be a quarry procedure, otherwise, the ore cannot be mined, but the quarry procedure requires a certain process. Here we introduce the mining What are the procedures required by the quarry, and what are the procedures for the procedures of the mb5x pendulum roller mill quarry.

Generally speaking, the procedures required for mining ore include mining license, safety production license, mine chief qualification certificate, mine chief safety qualification certificate, business license and coal production license. Different certificates have different uses. The processing procedures are also different. Among them, the coal production license and the mine chief qualification certificate need to be handled by the coal management department. These two certificates are the most important quarry certificates required for the production of grinding mills, and represent the relevant The department’s approval of mining;

The mining license needs to be handled at the land and resources management department, the safety production license and the mine chief ’s safety qualification certificate are handled at the coal mine safety supervision department, the business license is handled at the industry and commerce department, and the forestry department is required to mine forest. In addition to the approval of the relevant departments, it also represents that the grinding mill quarry is qualified for mining. For example, the mine chief ’s safety qualification certificate represents that the mine has complete safety measures for mining.

Although the procedures required for the quarry site of the grinding mill are only the above, but the process of these procedures is slightly different in different provinces, but no matter in which province, only with these certificates can you mine the mine, and then you can go Subsequent production of the series.