How to distinguish whether a towel is made of pure cotton

Cotton is a pure natural fiber, soft and comfortable, good moisture absorption and breathability, and does not stimulate the skin, does not have static electricity. It is a favorite of people, and it is an inevitable choice for baby clothes, bathroom, and bedding. Because high-quality pure cotton costs more than various man-made chemical fibers, some unscrupulous merchants will label “100% pure cotton” on lower-grade blended or even chemical fiber textiles. Don’t think that ordinary consumers can’t do anything to “counterfeit pure cotton”. Mengfei silk customized 100% cotton design OEM printed round beach towel manufacturers teach you three simple tricks, and “fake cotton” immediately has nowhere to hide.

Method one
The factory direct sale printed microfiber soft beach towel factory price feels natural and soft, feels plump and thick, with a slight astringency and bone texture. It can be pulled less, and the recovery speed after pulling is slower; while the chemical fiber fabric feels soft, slippery, and stretches a lot. , It will spring back to its original shape as soon as you let go.

In addition, because the cotton yarn is relatively tough and elastic, the recovery time of pure cotton clothes will be slightly longer after wrinkles. When judging pure cotton, you can fold the fabric in half and scrape it along the edge with your nail. After unfolding, the scratch will be more obvious, It proves that the higher the cotton content, the pure fiber fabric will not leave scratches.

Method Two
Except for the mercerized cotton treated with caustic soda, pure cotton fabrics have no obvious luster, and the color is natural and soft. When the fabric is put down naturally, the drape feels natural and there is little “reflective” phenomenon. You can flatten the fabric and add a certain amount of tension when purchasing. Then put the fabric and the body downward at a 45 angle to the light source. If there is bright light flashing, then it must be high-content chemical fiber. In addition, due to the addition of fluorescent whitening agents, the white fabric of chemical fiber will be whiter than pure cotton fabric and even will have a dazzling feeling.

Method Three
From a professional point of view, the best way is to take out a small yarn from the seam of the high quality factory custom design microfiber outdoor yoga towel and inspect it. The real natural cotton fiber will not melt when burned but will produce a natural yellow color like paper. The flame also produces the smell of burning paper, which will produce off-white ashes that can be crushed when burned out; while the chemical fiber will melt and drip when burned, and there will be black smoke and burning gum smell, which will form black hard spots when burned.

Of course, this kind of inspection method is unsafe and unrealistic for general consumers. Therefore, if you pay more attention to the information and knowledge about pure cotton and textiles, you will be able to brighten your eyes and choose genuine cotton towels.

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