How to Choose Your Desirable Machine in Ore Dressing?

Fine iron ore in China is scarce countries, almost all the required needs of the fine ore from India, Australia and through imports. After the natural ore crushing, grinding, dressing, etc. may then be concentrate, processed into a concentrate called slag. Concentrate according to the different methods into a variety of mineral concentrate, such as magnetic separation, flotation, concentrate re-election, etc… The main quality indices of iron ore include: 1 and Fe; 2, containing harmful components; 3, particle size; 4, moisture content.
Iron ore processing equipment is to go through all the ore mining operations, and finally get meet the requirements of the concentrate smelting production process.
Iron ore beneficiation process
Ore mined first by the initial construction waste crusher broken by the crusher to a reasonable degree of fineness by the elevator after, even into the mill to the mine machine, crushed ore from the ball mill grinding.
After cleaning and grading of the mineral mixture in through the magnetic separator, due to a variety of different minerals than the susceptibility through magnetic force and mechanical force to the magnetic material mixture to separate. In the minerals to be separated out, as it contains large amounts of water, subject to the initial concentration thickener, and then by drying machine drying, you can get dry minerals.
Iron ore beneficiation process is the most commonly used as a dressing process, relatively coarse ore extraction, the process requires more rigorous and meticulous, iron ore beneficiation technology improved, more conducive to the development of China’s steel industry, producing quality products Enhance the process of steel in the international competitiveness and quality, in addition to technical studies, the device also requires constant innovation, optimization, and create new standards.