How long is the service life of cotton towels?

How long is the service life of pure cotton towels? According to experts, personal towels should be replaced within 30 days, and should not exceed 40 days at most. Some people may say, isn’t this too wasteful? In fact, this is scientifically justified.

Cotton towels will become hard after being used for a long time. The most important thing is that it will be contaminated with bacteria, which is harmful to the human body. The practice has proved that coins, bedding, and personal high-end customized design luxury hotel 100% cotton towel are the three indirect media of infectious diseases. However, there are still many people who are affected by traditional ideas and have some unscientific methods of use: such as one towel for multiple people, multiple uses for one towel, no break or change, no attention to hygiene, neglect of product quality, and so on.

We know that hotel towels are made of pure cotton yarn. Cotton fiber has a tubular structure with hollow cells that can store water; its main chemical component, cellulose, contains a large number of hydrophilic genes, which can absorb water. The moisture absorption and moisture storage properties of cotton yarn make the personal high-end design luxury hotel 100% cotton towel factory price feel comfortable and have strong decontamination ability, which is suitable for cleaning and sanitation. But it is precise because of this characteristic that provides convenient conditions for the breeding of bacteria. Bacteria prefer warm and humid environments. Cotton towels are kept in a warm and humid state for a long time, and the oil, dust, impurities in the water, dust in the air, etc. on the human skin are deposited on the cotton bath towels. Over time, the cotton towel becomes a paradise for bacteria. Using such a pure cotton towel to wipe the skin will not only fail to clean the skin but will stain the skin and block the pores. Ladies who like makeup and children with fast metabolism have a lot of oil on their skin, and cotton towels are more susceptible to infection, which is particularly harmful to human skin.

Therefore, experts suggest: Do not wait for the customized multicolor hotels and families 100% cotton bath towels and bath towels to be worn out. Like the life cycle of toothbrushes, the longest life span of cotton towels and bath towels cannot exceed 3 months.

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