Gold ore crusher is a special machine for fine grinding of coal ash

As the comprehensive using technology of coal ash in our country is increasingly mature and popularized, the comprehensive use of coal ash is not just limited to environmental requirement, and the huge economic benefits of comprehensively using coal ash have been apparent. In the Southeast Coast area and some developed regions, fine coal ashes have been in short supply. The fineness of the original coal ash emitted by many coal-fired power plants in our country now generally changes in the range of 20%~50%, which does not reach the first-level ash or second-level ash requirement stipulated by national standard.
Many power plants generally use coal ash dry process separation technology to separate the coarse ash and fine ash to get final fine ash to gain some economic benefits. However, the separated coarse ash whose fineness is generally 65% is not fully used and it is generally emitted or sold at low price and even becomes a burden of the manufacturing company. SBM Machinery thinks that using gold ore crusher to grind the raw coal ash or the mixed materials of coarse and fine ash, which gives it hydration activity, to produce high-level blending superfine ash that can make high-performance concrete can comprehensively use the coal ash and create more economic benefits.
Using gold ore crusher for fine powder grinding has been applied for many years in cement industry. Introducing the principle and structure of high-fineness and high-yield cement gold ore crusher, SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd successfully researches and manufactures a gold ore crusher specially designed for fine grinding of coal ash to grind the raw coal ash or coarse ash to the fineness of final ash. Behind this gold ore crusher, there is installed a separating machine which is used for separating the coal ash ground by gold ore crusher and the separated coarse ash will be returned to gold ore crusher for re-grinding.