Geotextile construction should be in harmony with the protection layer construction

The quality assurance of geotextile breaking includes quality assurance of raw materials, process of soil breaking and quality inspection after soil breaking.

  1. Synthetic biaxial geogrid factory price that come out to master the quality of raw materials must have appropriate documents, functional and characteristic policies and application instructions required by the manufacturer. Otherwise, no one can use fortifications to break ground.
  2. Master the groundbreaking operation process. Before the construction of wholesale fiberglass geogrid, prepare pioneering organizational ideas, explain the construction methods and techniques, and use them in advance after approval by the supervisor. Earthbreakers should wear flat shoes or soft rubber shoes to stop construction. It is forbidden to wear rain boots to prevent the geotextile from being trampled, so that the pressure will increase with the laying. The construction of the geotextile should be coordinated with the construction of the protective layer.

In splicing, the price of geotextile and low price HDPE geocell is the key to splicing, especially when breaking ground, joint inspection should be strengthened. The detection method includes a grass inspection method and two spot inspection methods.

After the wholesale HDPE geocell is riveted, observe whether there is leakage, whether the seam is scalded, whether it is wrinkled, whether it can be spliced ​​and symmetrical, etc. On-site leak detection uses the charging method. The weld is double-layered, with a cavity of approximately 10 mm between them. Seal both ends of the section to be measured, pull out the air needle, and charge to 0.05 MPa and 0.20 MPa, observe the vacuum gauge for 0.5 minutes. If the air pressure does not drop, there is no leak.