Geotextile application should adapt to the times, adapt to the actual development of the environment

Geotextile is a new type of construction material used in civil engineering by the state. The filaments or short fibers are laid out in a mesh through different equipment and processes, and then different fibers are interwoven with each other through needle punching and other processes. Intertwined and fixed to standardize the fabric, so that the fabric is soft, full, thick and stiff to meet different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. According to the length of the yarn, it can be divided into filament nonwoven fiberglass geogrid factory price or short filament nonwoven geotextile. The tensile strength of the wire is higher than that of short wire. Because the fiber is soft, it has a certain tear resistance and has a good main role: reverse filtration, water filtration, and reinforcement. Specifications range from 100 grams per square meter to 800 grams per square meter. The main material is polyester fiber, which has excellent water permeability, filterability, durability and adaptability to deformation, as well as good flat drainage capacity.

Geotextiles have outstanding temperature resistance. The anti-crack geotextiles not only can’t agglomerate or soften at temperatures up to about 150℃, but also can maintain normal operation. Experiences indicate that glass fiber polyester wholesale fiberglass geogrid has the best function. Geotextiles should be used in practice. Geotextiles are made without any chemical additives in the production process. They are mainly non-woven geotextiles, and they are not treated with high temperature heating. It is one of the typical and qualified environmental protection construction materials. . Geotechnical materials that are not missing in geotechnical engineering. Facing the irreversible trend of globalization, how can geotextile companies in mainland China effectively respond to challenges, seize opportunities, and make their businesses truly part of the globalized global economy? Cloth use.

Geotechnical tube bag technology is a brand-new environmental protection technology that global village technology and Hong Kong scientific research personnel have vigorously innovated and re-developed on the basis of absorbing advanced European and American low-carbon governance technologies and concepts and based on actual engineering applications. The technology integrates water inlet high quality gravel geocell, separation, filtration and sludge dewatering and solidification treatment. It is equipped with a fully automatic management system. Compared with the traditional process, its processing performance is more stable, the process is simpler, the effect is more superior, and the total investment and processing cost More competitive.

The basic principle of the technology is to use the dynamic aperture of the material of the geotextile bag to form a filter structure and the liquid pressure in the bag. The addition of water purification agents promotes the separation of mud and water China dimple drainage board suppliers, and the water seeps out of the bag and the sludge remains. Inside the tube bag. The seepage water fully meets the relevant discharge standards and can be collected and recycled.