Five doubts about cotton towels

Five doubts about cotton towels, what is the yarn count process of cotton towels?

The tower manufacturer’s introduction to the yarn count of pure cotton towels generally uses 21 or 32 yarns as the main material. In short, the fewer the yarns, the thicker the yarns, which are relatively cheap. In addition, generally, promotional super absorbent fabric polyester microfiber towel will use one piece of yarn, but there is another way to tie two yarns together and then weave it. We call it a double strand. This kind of weave will double the thickness in the feel, and the price is relatively higher.

Why is cotton towel embroidery more expensive?

We use advanced embroidery machines to replace the previous manual embroidery, which is generally used to add monochrome trademarks to customized promotional super absorbent microfiber towel. The process is very time-consuming and the price is relatively high.

What are the introductions of towel manufacturers about the classification of cotton towel weaving?

Most of the cotton hotel towels are divided into two categories, one is plain weave, the most common one, which is cheap, and is used in most hotels; the other is jacquard, some hotel linens use jacquard on bath towels or carpet towels. , The price is relatively high due to the special jacquard knitting machine.

What kind of answers do towel manufacturers use for common dyeing of cotton wholesale promotional super absorbent microfiber towel?

Hotels generally use white mainly, but sometimes some hotels have their own colors, such as coffee, beige, etc.

What are the processes that will affect the durability of the hotel’s cotton towels?

Edge trimming is an important part of the towel process, which will affect the durability of cotton towel. Normally, use the ordinary express side, but three-needle hemming is required for high durability. In addition, forging is another way to enhance the durability of cotton towels, but this is the same as the jacquard machine. It is woven with a jacquard machine, so it is more expensive than plain weaving in terms of time and money.

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