Features And Application Of Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner

The mineralogical name of bentonite is montmorillonite. Natural bentonite is often divided into sodium-based and calcium-based consistent with its chemical composition. Bentonite has the characteristics of water swelling. Generally, when calcium-based bentonite expands, its expansion is merely about 3 times its own volume. The sodium-based bentonite is locked within the middle of two layers of geosynthetics to guard and reinforce it. it’s GCL that features a certain overall lastingness. Product performance products have permanent waterproof, compactness, simple construction, not suffering from temperature and good environmental performance.

Application Of wholesale bentonite geosynthetic clay liner

  1. Municipal works, underground works of Metro and buildings and seepage prevention of roof cisterns.
  2. Environmental protection and sanitation, domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, industrial waste.
  3. Water conservancy, seepage prevention, leak plugging and reinforcement of embankments and dams of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.
  4. Seepage control of ponds in Garden reservoir golf links.
  5. Anti-seepage and anti-leakage of petrochemical, mining and other fields.