Corporate cultural shirts will be customized according to different seasons

Summer is coming, many companies will customize the company’s cultural shirts according to different seasons, usually in autumn and winter, the company’s corporate culture organic cotton baby bibs factory price will choose the style of sweaters, which is also a more general style, and in the summer, some companies will choose custom T-shirts , Some will choose to customize the Polo shirt, in fact, these two styles are very suitable for summer corporate culture shirt. Whether it is a T-shirt or a Polo shirt, it is a versatile style in summer. No matter what kind of bottoms it is matched with, it is basically error-free. Moreover, neither of these two styles is particularly close-fitting, so it is very suitable for customizing group clothing, which can ensure that people of any size in the team can wear it.

Compared with custom-made Polo shirts, custom-made T-shirts have a great advantage that there are many styles to choose from. Summer China bamboo organic baby towel supplier are generally simple in layout, relatively random, and can be customized in a large area. And T-shirt customization supports all printing processes, and various patterns can be modified on customized T-shirts. The fabrics of custom-made T-shirts are generally made of pure cotton, polyester cotton, Lycra, polyester and other materials, and the feel is relatively soft. It is precisely because of the softness, the T-shirt lacks a little three-dimensional feeling, and the version is also very loose.

Many business people or white-collar workers in the office like to wear Polo shirts in summer. Compared to shirts and T-shirts, Polo shirts, a style between formal and casual, are very suitable for daily office wear. Some young people think that Polo China bamboo organic baby towel factory are suitable for middle-aged people, too old-fashioned, in fact, a custom Polo shirt can make our Polo shirt into a unique personality clothing. In summer, we often encounter a very embarrassing situation-easy to sweat in summer, and once there is more sweat, the clothes tend to stick to the body, which is not only uncomfortable, but also very unsightly, especially for girls Say. Therefore, a custom quick-drying Polo shirt is absolutely the key to our comfortable and stylish personality in summer!

The choice of fabric has a great influence on whether the customized Polo shirt is deformed. The quality and type of the fabric will affect the deformation degree of the customized Polo shirt. Among all the customized Polo bamboo organic baby towel free sample, pure cotton is the most deformable, but after special treatment, The degree of deformation can be greatly alleviated, so if you want to not deform, try to choose high-end pure cotton polo shirts, but the cost is relatively higher. In fact, most customers choose price concessions, and also use ordinary cotton. The upper body of the polo shirt is also more comfortable, more breathable, sweat-absorbent, and harmless to people. The most important thing is not to soak when washing. For a long time, don’t put Polo shirts of different colors together for cleaning at the same time.