Construction environment of geomembrane

In different types of anti-seepage projects, anti-seepage membrane is the first choice. As a kind of waterproof and anti-seepage material, anti-seepage plastic geonet for sale has better anti-seepage effect than other geotechnical engineering materials and should be higher than the grade. Although it started late, it has been more and more widely used in various anti-seepage projects. The situation at the oil depot is obvious.

As an important national resource, oil is self-evident. In the construction of oil depots and oil fields, every link is strictly carried out in accordance with the design specifications to ensure the quality of the project. After the oil fields and oil depots are put into production, each oil tank contains a small amount of oil. Or other industrial liquids.

These liquids are a high-risk source and are chemically corrosive. Once a leak occurs, the consequences of the product will be unimaginable. It is even catastrophic. Various countries are studying anti-seepage engineering of oil field projects. Today, impermeable membranes are widely used. In a special project, there is also a composite geomembrane from the mining industry, which is a derivative of the barrier film. The geotextile inside and outside the composite geomembrane can protect the impermeable high quality plastic geonet.

The anti-seepage film reservoir project can now be applied to various petroleum anti-seepage projects. In the oil depot project, one is that the anti-seepage membrane has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the other is that the anti-seepage effect is more significant than other geotechnical materials. Third, the construction is convenient and the operation is simple. Fourth, the price of impermeable membrane is not high, and the economic benefits are high. You can spend some money to do big things.

In various projects, the quality of anti-seepage membranes should be strictly controlled, and oil depot projects should be more cautious. The product quality is qualified and the construction technology is qualified. We can minimize the risk of oil depot leaks. Ensure that the safety of the country and the people is not affected by natural conditions.

A good construction environment plays a vital role in the control of the impermeable fiberglass geogrid for sale. The welding quality of the anti-seepage film directly affects the anti-seepage effect of the project. The methods that affect the structure of the impermeable membrane are as follows:

  1. The temperature of the welding machine.
    The normal welding temperature is between 300 and 400. The temperature of the welding machine is too low, the impermeable membrane is not easy to weld together, resulting in leakage of the impermeable membrane. If the temperature of the welding machine is too high, it is easy to cause the impermeable membrane to burn and form holes, which will also cause the leakage of the impermeable membrane.
  2. The ground of the project.
    The building floor must be flat and free of glass, bricks, stones and other debris, otherwise the impermeable membrane may be damaged.
  3. Weather
    The construction weather temperature of the impermeable board is between 5 and 40 degrees. For example, in windy weather, wind above 3 degrees is not easy to form.