Choose comfortable summer overalls

Usually, summer work clothes are made of cotton blended fabric. Cotton-containing fabrics have better breathability and good moisture absorption, so when choosing work clothes in summer, you must choose comfortable organic cotton baby bibs free sample. What are the benefits of choosing cotton overalls?

If summer workwear is not a special situation, generally, polyester, polyester silk, and chemical fiber fabrics should not be selected to customize workwear. Workwear manufacturers use a variety of chemical fibers to make workwear. Within a short period of time, although most of them are brightly colored, iron-free and wrinkle-resistant, durable and durable, and can greatly reduce the production cost. It’s just that they often can’t stand the test of time. When worn for a long time, they are usually worn and shiny, and the surface often hides dirt, fluff and ball, and it is also easy to jump wire or generate static electricity. Such China organic cotton baby bibs supplier are not recommended for everyone. Therefore, even if employees are not required to wear work clothes, they are often more than a hundred times better than those who wear low-grade and inferior chemical fiber work clothes.

Pure cotton fabric, 100% pure cotton is easy to shrink, so generally put a little chemical fiber, so that it will not affect the feel and appearance, improve the shrinkage of cotton and not wrinkle-resistant. Therefore, it is better to choose a fabric with a little blend of other materials when ordering work clothes.

There are many cases of work clothes with elasticity, which always contain spandex. The spandex yarn is not dyed and stained, so the color fastness is generally much worse than that without spandex. In fact, because spandex is very thin after stretching, pay attention to the belt Wash spandex organic cotton baby bibs factory price as little as possible.

Like Chun assumes jacket work clothes, it is best to choose cotton-polyester blended fabrics for custom, because pure cotton has poor color fastness and will fade more seriously, and then it is particularly prone to wrinkling. The blended fabric is definitely better, but many people are prone to static electricity and cause allergies. For summer China bamboo organic baby towel supplier, you can choose a blended fabric containing chemical fibers. Because there is more sweat in summer, the moisture absorption and perspiration of pure cotton is poor, and it is not very comfortable to stick to the body.