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Crusher technology with the development of technology has gradually become more advanced , but limited their theory of the crusher level of knowledge , field conditions , there are still many questions left unresolved .

In 2013 , in order to further improve the performance of the crusher to improve its competitiveness in the future should strive to carry out the following requirements : (1) the rate of over iron crusher is a problem many manufacturers are more concerned about domestic crusher the ability to automatically release excessive iron to be improved in this regard need to do specific structural reform .

2 . Crushing equipment which is slightly bad work environment , so often there will be some issues that need to be demolished for the crusher , for the present, although the case has been achieved automatic opening and closing function, but the tooth plate installation is still very laborious, so for demolition crusher tooth plate design is a very necessary research .

3 yet thorough enough for the crusher cavity and tooth understanding and learning , if we can take advantage of specialized theoretical knowledge and analysis software to study it , we must have a breakthrough .

4 crusher wear is inevitable, especially in direct contact with the material that part , so whether it is improving its own material, etc. , you can also start from the stress analysis of broken teeth , tooth research to improve resistance to change grindability .

5 existing domestic crushers are belt drive transmission mechanism , although with some protection, but the area is relatively large , so you need the device more compact.