Application range of HDPE impervious membrane for rough surface

  1. Environmental protection, sanitation (such as landfills for domestic garbage, sewage treatment, toxic and hazardous substance disposal sites, dangerous goods warehouses, industrial waste, construction and blasting garbage, etc.)
  2. Water conservancy (such as anti-seepage, plugging, reinforcement of the dams of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, anti-seepage of water channels, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.)
  3. HDPE anti-seepage gravel geocell manufacturers municipal engineering (underground projects, underground works of buildings and roof tanks, anti-seepage of roof gardens, lining of sewage pipes, etc.)
  4. Garden (artificial lake, pond, pond lining of golf course, slope protection, etc.)
  5. Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, oil storage tanks at gas stations, seepage prevention, lining of chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks, secondary linings, etc.)
  6. HDPE anti-seepage gravel geocell factory price mining (washing tank, heap leaching tank, ash yard, dissolution tank, sedimentation tank, stack yard, tailings pond bottom lining anti-seepage, etc.)
  7. Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water tank, storage pond, anti-seepage of irrigation system)
  8. Aquaculture (lining of fish ponds, shrimp ponds, slope protection of sea cucumber circle, etc.)
  9. Salt industry (salt field crystallization pool, halogen pool cover, salt film, salt pool plastic film)