Anti-seepage function of new material geomembrane

Geomembrane of Zhoutou Reservoir Dam composite geomembrane anti-seepage adopts the section reincarnation work of digging, paving, tamping and protecting in the process of anti-seepage construction. The soil of the protective layer with a thickness of 10cm by low price HDPE geocell must be sieved. It is not acceptable to have particles with a particle size greater than 6mm, otherwise it will easily puncture the composite geomembrane. The soil material of the protective layer must be compacted by ramming to ensure that the dry bulk density is above 1.5, and samples shall be checked at any time. When backfilling the protective layer and masonry block protection, it must be handled gently to avoid breaking the geomembrane.

Under the block stone protection surface, a 100mm thick gravel or gravel cushion should be filled to prevent the soil protection layer from being scoured due to the change of water level, wind wave and other factors. The dry block stone adopts artificial hanging line to lay the stone The blocks should be tightly embedded, the individual weight of the surface stones should be greater than 48kg, and all the gaps should be filled with small stones. The base surface must be treated according to the design conditions, which is the link to ensure the effectiveness of anti-seepage, especially to eliminate the cleanliness of sharp stones, tree roots and other debris, the base surface does not agree with one-sided high and low signs, and the composite wholesale HDPE geocell is treated well The base surface should be compacted with a tamper or tamper plate to make it dense and flat.

Geomembrane uses plastic film as impermeable base material and non-woven fabric composite geomembrane material. The anti-seepage function of new material high quality filament nonwoven geotextile depends on the impermeability of plastic film.

The plastic films used for external anti-seepage are mainly PVC, polyethylene, EVA, and ECB are designed and used in authentic applications. Which type of polymer chemical flexible materials are they with a small specific gravity and strong extensibility? Deformation is high, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good anti-freezing function. Geomembrane is mainly used in waterproofing projects such as waste burial plants and wastewater treatment plants. Geomembrane is mainly used for tunnel composite lining and improper exposed roof.